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Averagemyn on Their Night Off/ Oxytocin


a release that errupts at the end of a long work week.


Averagemyn On Their Night Off/ Oxytocin premiered on April 17, 2018 on the hill at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts

Created by Cricket Brown and Sean Stack


Starring the Cavemyn Collective

Weavers: Chris Holtkamp, David Ospina, N'yomi Stewart

Builders: Lawrence Davis, Ana Evans, Linnea Scott

Gardners: Olivia Daponde, Sam Hyrkin, Gaby Slape

Hunters: Anika Ramlo, Julia Sismour

Cookers: Amar Bains, Katelyn Kelley

Artists: Jon Demegillo, Ainsley Seiger

Messages Image(333156574).jpeg

photography by Emma Weinswig

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