Bill loves his wife. Sue. He loves her more than his boat. But she cannot walk or leave the house or go fishing with him so he is led to explore other "friends" in the meantime. He sings loudly and badly. And goes to the movies to spy on younger lovers.

He really wants to tap dance but has never tried it.

Bill & Daisy

after mourning the passing of his late wife, Bill finds the courage to travel to New York City and reconnect with his favorite mistress.

filmed November 2019 in Washington Square Park

starring cricket and Chris Holtkamp

shot and directed by Dyer Rhoads

Daddy Issues

Bill finds love in an unexpected place

imagined and performed by

Cricket Brown and Emily DeForest


performed at Alphaville in Bushwick, Brooklyn December 2019 

as part of the "I Don't Want To See That" Collective, curated by Emily Briggs